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When ChorpSaway and JordanKai aren't doing LPs, they're watching anime and talking about it on the world's first and only anime podcast, Cocoa☆Disaster! On a quarterly basis, the daring duo talk about anime news, the shows they've watched each season, and also talk about what's got them excited for the next season! Occasionally, they do one-off shows as well when they want to talk about something in particular. It's a good time for all!
Once upon a time, FutureFriend was also a part of this podcast, but he has since moved on to greener pastures, such as "not feeling obligated to watch anime". He will always be remembered though.

Often considered a visionary in the anime world, ChorpSaway is the valiant leader of the "Anime is Art" movement. He's also been known to visit anime conventions across the country to sing back-up for the Leet Street Boys. His closet is lined with cosplay, but don't tell his mom!

As an anime connoisseur, Jordan sleeps on a bed of mint-condition manga with a foundation of anime Blu-Rays. He is the founder of the non-for-profit organization "Dubs Over Subs, LLC" with the mission to bring the joy of more easily accessible anime for the youth, and has significant stock in Square Enix.

Our Latest Episode

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Today, it's time for Cocoa☆Disaster to tackle an entry in one of anime's most enduring franchises! Chorps and his friend Sid (@BeamSplashX on Twitter) meet up to talk about 1989's Gundam 0080: War in the Pocket, a six episode OVA series and the first Gundam series to not be helmed by franchise creator Yoshiyuki Tomino. 0080 really digs into the anti-war themes of Gundam through the lens of civilians and a conflict that's smaller and more relatable than the One Year War. We discuss not only the shows and its themes, but the way it affected Gundam as a whole and the way it relates to series that came after it. So what does this first Gundam side story look like, and what does it do differently? Why are the robot fights so unsatisfying? Just how many war crimes did Al commit without knowing? All this and more, coming at you!


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